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Key Note Speaker: Dr. German Ramirez

Dr. Ramirez is a certified Paediatric Dentist, also trained in Orthodontics.
He received a Master Degree in Dental Sciences in Australia and PhD degree in Oral Biology in Australia.
He also holds a Master degree with focus in Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Apnoea from Tufts University.

Dr. Ramirez
is the author of the book “Early Treatment of
Malocclusions: Prevention and Interception in Primary Dentition” and has published more than 30 scientific articles in peer review journals. He is an international lecturer with more than 30 years of experience guiding the craniofacial growth and development in children.

In this course you will:

1. Understand the differences between the available myofunctional appliances in

the market;

2. Envision the advantages of the AMCOP BioActivator System;

3. Recognize the various appliances in the AMCOP BioActivator System when

intending to treat a dental malocclusion;

4. Apply cephalometric measurements to determine the type of malocclusion your

patients may have;

5. Become confident how to choose the correct AMCOP BioActivator appliance for

your patients

6. Be able to customize the AMCOP BioActivator appliance making it more

comfortable for your patients.

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