The Effect of the Physical Consistency of the Diet on the Bone Quality of the Mandibular Condyle in Rats

By Shawna Kufley, James Elliot Scott, German Ramirez-Yanez

Abstract: Objective: This study aimed to analyze how the physical consistency of the diet affects the bone quality at the mandibular condyle.
Design: Sixty-three Wistar rats were randomly assigned to three groups. Twenty-two animals composed each group and they were fed with either a liquid, soft or hard diet. Seven animals were sacrificed from each group at days 7, 20, and 40 respectively. Their mandibles were removed and scanned at the postero- superior area of the condyle with a micro-CT scan.
Results: showed a statistically significant difference for the bone mineral density (p < 0.01) and total mineral density (p < 0.01), when comparing the hard against the liquid group after seven days. After 20 days both, the soft and the liquid diet groups, computed a statistically significant difference demonstrating a significant decrease in the measured values for bone mineral density, bone mineral content, total mineral density, and total mineral content. At day 40, the values stayed lower for the soft and liquid diets, even though they did not reach a significant difference.
Conclusions: This study supports the idea that a soft or liquid diet has a negative impact on the bone quality of the mandible, particularly during the periods of more active growing.

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